JanYouAry22 - I learn

Hello and welcome to 2022! What a weird year last year was, a mix of highs and lows as we each battled to discover our own new realities given the ever changing world.  The only constant we have is change, and as Buddha says in a world where we strive for permanence we are always reminded that things are temporary and that no matter how much we would like things to stay the same they just can't and we shouldn't get too hung up on creating false attachments.

One of the things I learnt last year was I'm way more resilient than I've ever given myself credit for, learning the glass has taught me this.  Being grateful for my customers who then became friends. Being grateful I have the opportunity every day to learn something new and to keep growing.  Being grateful I have a range of personal skills that allowed me to go stuff it I'll learn something new, and I did!

One of the other things I want to challenge myself on is social media, yeah I'm great at talking random twaddle with folk on twitter and I love the connections I've made but Instagram for some reason has always confounded me so with the help of my #MHHSBD I accepted the challenge to learn.  For those that don't know that # is basically a community of small online businesses that rumble away in the background to offer support, encouragement, sharing and generally going woohoo you got this and trust me it saves many a bad day or when you just feel a bit flat or overwhelmed cause let's face it being a sole trader is tough so it's rather lovely to have a family that get it around you.

So, the Instagram challenge - basically a single phrase prompt each day ranging from I wish, I am, I believe but what I noticed is they all begin with I. That isn't a very British thing to put yourself front and centre, it took a little head space to go erm yeah ok I have to talk about myself ...... yeah ok, let's try this, but it really isn't a natural British thing to do, but you know what it should be!  It's not arrogant to say you know what I'm pretty good at this, and especially when you're running as a business.  You wouldn't walk into a department store and listen to a sales clerk go well, yeah, it's ok I guess - no, they sell it to you! So, we need to do that a little better too!

So, back to the IG challenge, and why this blog - today's prompt is I LEARN.  And that's really critical, we can learn every day from someone somewhere.  Be it something that appears insignificant to others or something huge, it doesn't matter - the point is you accepted that this information or process was new.  Therefore you accepted that you could improve by self reflection and accepting the new information rather than just going yeah I already knew that, next.  That's arrogance, to assume you cannot learn anything new.  To assume you are above being able to take on a new way, or someone's else's ideas.  Ok, it may not work for you as a whole but I bet there's a little nugget that you go ohhhhhh that's interesting, hadn't considered that! And that in itself starts the thinking process, you cannot learn if you don't critically think or reflect.  The glass has taught me this, soooooo many pieces didn't work as I wanted so I had to reflect, think and try again.  The old adage of it doesn't matter how many times you fall down but it does matter how many times you get back up is very true!

So, thank you to everyone that sends me ideas, images to try and make, asks if I've tried a different way or sends me links to youtube videos for ideas - I do appreciate them all,

thanks all, Pixie x